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Happy 8th Birthday, Aiden!!!

 Aiden's first picture

Wow, what a year 2020 has been!!!  A rollercoaster with highs, lows and undertows but we're still on the upside, so that's a good thing. We have a new, Democratic President (yay) and a person of colour as his running mate, a Black Vice President (so exciting and oh, yeah, that BVP is a woman!!!). How many other firsts did this year bring? Too many to count.

But I know that this first is one of many lovely surprises and here's my firstborn's firstborn, in his first picture. Help me shout out loud: 


That year brought joy and happiness in the form of a little, itty bitty baby boy, so small I could hold him tucked under one arm, like a football, but I didn't dare 'cause his Momma would skin me ... and I prefer baseball anyway.

I might exagerate but when's the last time you saw a baby so small they could bathe in the bathroom sink? Oh, right, there is Ellis and let's not forget Zoey. And when they're that small, it's scary. I naturally didn't wanna break 'em ... it had been so long since my youngest was that small, why, he towers over me now. Go check out his birthday blog right here if you don't believe me. 

Aiden in the sink for a bath

I can say a lot about Young Aiden (I can still use "young") ... he's super smart, reading at grade levels well above his own, and I mean truly r-e-a-d-i-n-g ... (he gets that from his Nana, moi) and he's such a great big brother.

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Sandi:  Let's take a peek into the magic that is Aiden, shall we?
Freddy:  I think we shall.

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Blast from the Not-So-Distant Past

Aiden my grand screensaver

Aiden, my first "grand" screensaver

 Aiden year 1

So cheerful in the morning

AWBM dividerFreddy:  Again, it's time to pull out that new iPhone ...
Sandi:  No doubt.

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And now we shimmy into the Present

Aiden Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'

Aiden in glasses 

Aiden in Glasses
showing off his funny side
Aiden imitating his Goo Goo

Imitating his Goo Goo

Hmmm, "Who's Goo Goo," you ask?

Goo Goo

In case you can't remember, you can read all about Grace, I mean Goo Goo, in her birthday blog right here.

Moving right along ...

Aiden's Christmas card

Aiden x 3 .. his personal Christmas card
All 3 grandbabies on the floor 2020

This one is just too cute
Grandbabies 2020

as is this one

Tavia and kids

And here's a Very Merry Christmas Card,
from Tavia and Co.

(aka, Aiden, Ellis and Zoey) ...
Don't you just L-O-V-E the grayscale?

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Aiden, I hope you have the best day ever, and that the start of your new year brings you everything you want it to ... and, sorry, but no, Nana is not gonna get you that PS5 ... go ask your father.

Be blessed today, and every day.

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As is my way, I want to post this birthday wish on the date of his birth, on 12/30, at, of course, 12:30, and that's exactly what I'll do.

Holding true to my tradition, here's Aiden's haiku poem written just for him, and the last for this year:

You're a True Leader
Blessed and Victorious
Lead us to Glory

With Much Love,

Your Nana

AWBM Blog Post #043 | 30 December 2020


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