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Happy Birthday, David!!!

 David's collage

Oh, my goodness it's almost Christmas, and look what Santa brought me ... my youngest child, so let's all shout out with love: 


That day was so special in that I spent Christmas in the hospital, with my newborn, and fast forward to today, his birthday ... I can't quite call him "Young David" anymore, but I do want him to know that he is so loved and appreciated.

Let's walk down memory lane together and take a look at his transformation: I believe he has changed the most out of all of my children, from infancy to adulthood, and I am so proud to also be able to display some of his personal artwork.


Blast from the Past

I think I'll start with some of my favorite baby pics of David, at a few months old, and another a bit further down the line ... and yes, I did knit that lovely blue sweater.  His comment, at 5 years old?

"Next time, Mom, can you make it not so itchy?"
Ahh, the joys of acrylic yarn, eh?

David 3 months old

David blue teal sweater

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Freddy:  It's a good thing you got a new iPhone for Christmas.

Sandi:  I know, the images are quite fuzzy but what can I say? They're still great.

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This one I call
"Determination on Moving Day"

David determination on moving day

And moving on, here he is in his teenage  "can't I explore my own hair?" phase ...

David teen years

... a nice image just for fun
lovin' that smile ...

David teen 2

Artwork from the Present

David is an artist at heart, and I wanted to share some of his most recent drawings:

 David's self portrait 1

David's self-portrait 1

David's self portrait 2

David's self-portrait 2

David and his younger self

One of my favorites ... He calls this:

"Me and my Younger Self"

I was planning on editing out the cigarette, but then I thought to be true to who he is ... and since he drew it, it stays ... kids ...

Did I mention he loves everything Japanese and Anime?

David's amime 3

David's anime 3

 Highly talented, that kid ... 

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Have a fantabulous day, my son.
I love you and want the best for you, always.
Be blessed today, and every day.

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As is my way, I want to post this birthday wish on the date of his birth, on 12/24, at, of course, 12:24, and that's exactly what I'll do.

Holding true to my tradition, here's David's haiku poem written just for him:

Trust in yourself, son
Listen to your heart and soar
Fly high, know your worth

With Much Love,

Your Momma

AWBM Blog Post #042 | 24 December 2020


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