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Boho Wrap Bracelet | Adjustable Handmade Jewelry for Couples

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These boho wrap bracelets are hand made with care, one predominantly sandy earth tones and the other with vibrant turquoise jewel tones. The beads are shades of turquoise, sand, brown and green. They look lovely as a single bracelet or try 2 or more for a solid wrapped effect.

This is an AWBM Limited Edition for 1 wrap bracelet and there are 7 to choose from. Once they sell, they're gone. Grab 'em while they're hot!!! After each sale, we will amend the second product photo to add "SOLD" over each bracelet until they sell out.

The circumference is 8.0 in to 8.5 in (20.32 cm to 21.59 cm) and they are completely adjustable: by simply pulling the sides out or pushing the sides in. So one size CAN indeed fit all :).

They make great gifts for couples, best friends and just because you want a little sparkle and bling-bling.

They are easy to put on and so flexible you can use just one hand.

These bracelets are light and won’t weigh you down, and can be worn as anklets, too.

H A N D C R A F T E D one bead at a time …

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