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When Is Enough Enough?

Migthy Deals 30 in 1 Graphic Bundle




A few mornings ago, I had this thought: "O. M. & G (Goodness). Let me share my last 15 minutes!!!"

I opened an email, clicked a link, and started (and finished) an article containing a number of tools for gaining Pinterest blog traffic:

First thought: "Awww, this is written just for me.
How sweet. How did they know?"

That's enough of an explanation without giving away Who, What, When, Where, How, and let's not forget, Why? The article was cool, with loads of tips, imagery and video to help boost Pinterest traffic. My toe was all in.

Once read, I clicked their "Templates" link and, I swear, "It" grabbed my foot, yanked me down, and I was in it with Alice, just spinning around, wondering why my head hurt and, suddenly, I was no longer afraid of the water.

I know it's confusing to some, but those who know me will instantly understand that I am still scrolling to see all of the templates that this site has to offer. Still scrolling, on Day 3, people.

It just never ENDS.

I'm talking about templates here, but it's ever-present. I am besieged by emails for bundles of "1500 templates, with a 93% saving," or "Act now while supplies last to get your 500 Illustrator brushes and 750 PhotoShop actions, all in one nifty bundle, just for you, first time being offered, for only $9.95! What a deal!"


I mean, who'm I gonna get to
to make sure I got 'em all?

Like when you have 5 kids in the car, one adult driving, another in the passenger seat and you get home from the restaurant without Kid #3's fries, and Kid #5 has no ice cream, oh wait, that kid's still in diapers. Scratch that, and have you seen Kid #1? Where'd she disappear to?

It is the case of More is More and the more they offer, the lower they price it and aren't we having more fun scrolling endlessly to get to the bottom of the list. Who can use all of those assets? I mean, for me, that's just too much. In fact, I just bought 2 new flash drives yesterday because my brand new iMac is out of space and

... I'm still scrolling ...

BTW, the image at the top of this blog is real,
click the image, or the link below, if you want that fabulous deal, folks.
It's only for a limited time so get your deal today, from

[Seriously, it truly is a lot of bang for your bucks and
there are 2600 elements]

A Graphic Bundle of 30 in 1, for only $9.00!!!

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But, if you're also scared of the water, like me, and you don't know whether you need that much, of anything, here's another deal, from, that's FREE (yes, I said FREE, folks), containing 1 poster mock-up. Mind you, it is for a "concrete environment display poster or billboard" meaning it's kinda big, but I chose it for the colours, and how beautiful it looks, and when you have such great resolution you can always resize an image, to make it smaller, without losing quality, vibrance or those exquisite colours:

I also chose it because it looks fantabulous, no?:

City Poster - Free Mockup 

City Poster - Free Mockup

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Five years ago, in 2014, I bought my first set, a 5-volume logo bundle for maybe $7.00 and it contained 25 logos, as each volume contained 5 logos. Count 'em, 5. Nice offer, great deal, I was impressed. So much so, that I will soon be creating art for them and their sister site and a few others, because, they, my friends, are multiplying, too.

But now I'm seeing offers that are so stuffed, when I view some of the templates I'm mentally scratching my head, trying to find the difference because, quite honestly, each one looks EXACTLY like the last one. Oh wait, I see it now, the red rule is now gray, and the purple square is now an olive rectangle (or is that an octagon? I can't tell, 'cause it's so dang small).

So what do I do with this built-up tension, when I'm searching for vectors to use in my own designs (I'd create them myself but I'm kinda busy, you understand, right?). I mean, I can't compete with that, because I simply don't have 500 designs to pull out of my [_________] to offer to someone else.

I wasn't sure what to put in the blank because (1) my kids will read this and I have to keep it clean, (2) my parents will read this (from up above) and even though they already know what I mean ('cause they're watching over me, looking down and they can SEE it), I still have to keep it clean, and (3) I really have no idea where others are getting this plethora of design so I thought I'd better leave it blank.

But you know what I mean, right? I can't figure it out, so I'm not gonna try.

Let me wrap it up and just say:

These deals are real
and they're Spectacular!!!

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And now, here's where I insert the legalease that's required so here we go (good thing My Thoroughly Exhausting 9-5 (8-5 but who's Counting?) Job is in a law firm, eh?):

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission, through no extra cost to you. I actually use these items and would not recommend them otherwise. Thank you for your support.

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AWBM's Challenge #4
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This is just a simple exercise, a prompt for my writer's out there, and, if you'd like to share it with us (and the world), we'd be forever grateful, so please comment below, because we'd love to read it.

Freddy says he'll get to it after he's done sunbathing in the pool. His pool, not mine. He's small, so I can afford it.

To whomever I borrowed this photo from, gracias, mi amigo (I can't wait until I can retire, so I can get some work done.)

Freddy sunbathing

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