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There’s a First Time for Everything!!!

Okay, world, I’m all in.  

First, let me say this is new to me, the blogging, but not the writing. I have been creating and curating creative stories and pleasantly poetic prose for many, many, many years (and, yes, I know that’s way too many “manys”), but I had to make that point.  I’ve been writing for a lonnnnnnnnng time.

This being my first post ever, I want to introduce myself:  Hi, my name is Sheilla, or Sandi to my family and friends, and I am the sole proprietor and maker for the online store A Wee Bit More, with my partner-in-crime, Freddy.  It’s an eclectic mix of fiber and vector art, two of my myriad passions, dusted with a sense of humour and a touch of tongue-in-cheek. My cohort, Freddy, is my favorite inanimate object in the whole wide world. We’ve been besties for years and he and I are here to make your life easier. We’ll share tips and all things handcrafted, plus tune in weekly for our Fabulous Friday Freebies.

I like to think we can make a difference in your world and you can definitely make a difference in ours:

We spend hours and hours of planning, you’ll see,
Flexing our skills, just Freddy and me,
Sculpting and molding, like clay on a wheel,
Stitching, and sewing and painting with zeal,
All those sleepless nights we spend
Churning out our best, my friend,
To make our best stuff every time …
See? I told you I could rhyme.


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