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She's Here!!!

I think it's universal: one thing we all have extreme feelings about is a brand new baby. As the due date draws near, we feel antsy and anxious, anticipation having wreaked havoc on us for soooo many months, and we all just want the baby to get here already!!! 

A few days ago, when I was asked if this was my first grandchild, I said "No," and that brought a response of "Oh, the excitement is over then, right?" And I said, "No, this is my first granddaughter, so there's still a sense of awe as well as fear" ... and doesn't every baby deserve that? To know that they are wanted, loved and special in their own right ... of course, they all do.

She was born the day before my youngest daughter's birthday, and 11 days after my middle daughter's birthday ... but we're still going to make sure she feels special on her day. I think she's the prettiest pumpkin in the patch and her name is "Zoey."

Now, I need to go find that nurse who told my eldest daughter, Zoey's momma, that the baby would "not" have any hair!!! Seriously.



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