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Hello May ... Can You Hear The Whispers in the Wind? Partie Trois

 Hello May 2020

Today's the last day of April (so sad) 2020, and as I was trying to wrap my brain around the fact that the world is flat ... I mean round ... it's like an episode of The Twilight Zone and I'm Henry Bemis and just broke my last pair of glasses. This is just a short synopsis of the entire show so if you want the full effect, please go watch it.


While you take a peak at one of my favorite episodes, I must say that as difficult as it is to get out of a funk, it's harder when the whole world has seemingly turned upside down, isn't it? I know it's not just me, 'cause everyone I talk to speaks in whispers as if we're being monitored or watched ... oh, wait ... that's not until the summer when Big Brother hopefully airs. I just got a text from my son, Frankie, saying his firm isn't going to reopen their office until September 7!!! I will always wonder why my firm doesn't do the same, make things happen on the 1st of the month, ... it's aways some random day in the middle of the week.  Hmmm, something to think about, eh?

So, without further ado, I bring you more poetry from moi, as I can't bring myself to write anything new: it seems odd, indeed, to have so much time at home, which I adore (says the self-proclaimed hermit), it's just so odd that everyone else is at home with me :))


But First (Hey, Julie!!!), just in case you did decide to go check out Good Ol' Henry, here's another gem that I also thoroughly enjoyed:


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And now, it's time for more poetry, my dears. Here's more from my last collection ... please enjoy.

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 AWBM Presents

Can You Hear The Whispers ... In the Wind?

Partie Trois

All I Ask

You stroke my cheek and smooth my brow
my dear that's all I ask —
The warmth and strength that flow from you
are all I want to grasp.

I feel your presence everywhere
your scent permeates the air —
Your eyes and all they say to me
are everything they're meant to be.

You see, my heart, there is a special
feeling that we share —
And whether you believe or not
is only if you care.

But I believe, I do
in all I feel and say —
No matter what the method
I use, or what the way.

So when you think of me
a glow appears inside —
Always need the thought
let it seal the tide.

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The Same Ole Song

Hear that music, it's still the same
Why keep whistling the same refrain?
Let the time become of age —
Keep the book, we'll turn the page.



Over and over and over I go
Rolling, sliding, bruised and sad
Steady the ground
I want to get off
Stop this ride and let me go.

Loosen ties that cut and bind
A shattered past and shaken mind
The ride was over long ago
Let me off, I want to go home.

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 ( ... and that was the last twofer for the month of April 2020 ... )

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"my sweet, my love—there are no words to speak of how I feel,
in truth, I can but say again—indeed, my love is real."


"but if the truth is as you say, and what you feel is real,
tell me how the name of "Love" applies to what you feel.

tell me how the words you say can really make me see—
the beauty, peace, joy, and life that Love's supposed to be.

tell me how the things you do can make me feel inside—
a warmth, a glow, a laugh, a cry, desire, wealth, and pride.

tell me, if you can, my sweet, my love, how this is so—
when all my instincts tell me that it's time for me to go.

tell me how the feelings which I hold inside for you—
should grow when all the nourishment they need is overdue.

NOW, my dear, please if you can, when all is said and done—
SHOW me all the things you speak with such a lovely tongue.

show me what it is to feel alive in Life and Love—
show me how to Iive, and yet still never give enough.

show me all the beauty, music, poetry, and life that real Love is—
only then will your unnecessary words begin to live."


"but my heart, you cannot know, how hurt your words can be,
when all I do is just for you—not only just for me.

to think that you could be so cruel is oh so hard to bear—"


"But living with a lie of Love is harder when you care."


AWBM Blog Post #039 | 30 April 2020 ... Bye-Bye, April, Howdy-Do, May


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