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Hello April & Birthday Wishes!!!

It's 4:02

Happy Birthday, To Me!!!

Today is my birthday, and my cousin John's birthday, and we were born at the same time, in the same hospital, and we weighed the same!!! Talk about similarities  eh?
Me John and Tavia

Me, Cousin John & Tavia

(with Aiden on the way)

Greetings!!! I want to welcome in this new month, my month, and shout out to all the April birthdays at the same time. My co-worker Bobby, whom I adore, has a birthday coming up on the 15th, and my good friend Lisa, has a birthday coming up on the 5th. I miss her terribly: we lost touch over the years and, sadly, she recently passed away, but I remember meeting her and hitting it off so well, that we found an apartment and moved in together, likety-split. We were both dating twin brothers and, at one point, they moved in and it was one happy family.  But that's another story, that I may share one day.
Today, I want to say hello to April and honor those who were born Aries, the Ram. One day hopefully soon,I'll find time to go through hundreds of actual photographs, taken pre-smartphones, and scan them into one of my laptops. I have to keep room for current stuff, but I can't post images that I don't have in my computer, so I'm rummaging through over 18,000 photos on my phone (unheard of, right?) and trying not to run out of time as I plan to post this blog on the date of my birth, April 2.
Please enjoy some of my favorite memories ... and my kids twisted my arm to put my own pictures in so please don't judge me :)

Bobby at work

Bobby at work

(being my model)
My 1st selfie

My 1st selfie, also at work

Once he showed me his photo, I gasped
and sent him an email with my 1st selfie
we could be twins!!!
Bobby and me
I say that a lot sometimes :)

Cherie and me

Big Sis Cherie & Me

Sandi on swing

Me, on the swing

Swinging is one of my favorite activities, the kind you sit on and put your feet in the air. We have a little play area for kids in my apartment complex, and the only thing missing is a swing.

Me with hair 

Me, with a lotta hair

Grace just came into my room: "You have to post that one, Ma!"



My friend, Lisa Drozé

Please forgive the fuzziness, I pulled these from Facebook 'cause I simply cannot find photos in 3 huge under-the-bed plastic containers ... there's a lot of 'em ...

Cherie and Sandi

Big Sis and me ... a little bit older

... definitely wiser

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And on that note, I welcome a fresh new month and hope this thing that's taken over the world will end soon, it would be nice to go outside again ...

AWBM Blog Post #039 | 2 April 2020


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