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Happy Birthday, Momma!!!

Momma 84th Birthday 061319 ... Love You!!!There’s sooooooooo much I can say about this beautiful lady, that it would take until next year on this day to finish, and I’d probably still have more. She would light up my life in ways I didn’t fully understand sometimes, but it always worked out in the end, with grace and joy. 

I miss her terrrrrribly, and wish I could talk to her about everything we used to talk about, the big things, the little things and the silly stuff, too, and we’d laugh at the same jokes, or TV shows … she is still so special and oh, so loved.

I was searching frantically through my memories yesterday to find one of many letters I wrote to her when I was a little tadpole (read: very young), to make sure I could post it on this special, day, but I ran out of time, had work in the morning, and had to get some rest. So, today, I read through some of my old poetry, that I wrote several years ago, that I thought you might like. This poem was published in the National Library of Poetry, Silence of Yesterday, in 1996. I present it to you in its original state, typed on an IBM Selectric 3 typewriter ... you remember, no? The one with the "cursive" ball, no less, warts and all: 


--Would that the rain fall as
          the sun set, and the moon forever glow,

i would become a poet and tell the world to go --

behind the scene
beneath the stair
above the atmosphere
and feel and look and
see and touch and be
and know and hear
of all the tiny speckled fates
that life has thrown us to--
and like a sponge, absorb
the whole, then simply
start anew.

I had so many additional thoughts to share but I must keep in mind that I want to post this birthday wish on the date of her birth, June 13, at 6:13, and that's exactly what I plan to do.

I'll share more inner thoughts
on the mother daughter relationship and what I love about it so much,
seeing it from both points of view,
in future written moments.

‘Til we meet again, have a fantabulous birthday, Momma. We love you!!!


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