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Happy Birthday, Frankie!!!

Frankie & His Dimples

Let's start with a heartfelt and bursting with joy 


This is my second child, firstborn son, and today is his birthday and the first day of a new job, in this new decade. Wow, a lot of firsts here, but I couldn't be prouder.

I asked my children if I could start a new tradition, and feature them on my blog, just to keep a momma happy, as I always want to acknowledge them, and I love baby pictures. They all agreed, and his is the first birthday of the year, so here's a photo montage of my favorite images, and they each capture what I love about him.

It's (almost) all about Frankie. I did add a few shots with him and his siblings, and a few other kind folks, me included :), as these are images that make me smile and remind me of the joys of motherhood.

Blast from the Past

I think I'll start with something he probably doesn't remember: a Christmas card from his kindergarten teacher, Ms. Igarashi. Even at that young age, he was happy, smiling and oh, so loved.

Christmas Card from Ms. Igarashi 1993 front

Christmas Card from Ms. Igarashi 1993 back


Next, are a collection of images that begin at 11 months  ... I'm not sure what I'll do next year as I have almost all my favs here, but I know I can find many more.

Frankie, This Is Your Life:

Frankie This Is Your Life

Now & Then

We've come to the most present: Frankie and big sis ...

Frankie & Tavia Then & Now

 ... and Frankie and Zoey:

Frankie & Zoey

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Have a fantabulous day, son.
I love you. Go forth and
be blessed today,
and every day.

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As is my way, I want to post this birthday wish on the date of his birth, on 01/07, at 1:07, and that's exactly what I'll do.

In honor of this great man, who I love dearly, here's a haiku poem written just for Frankie:

Tall, strong and wise, son
Your star boundlessly shines bright
It's with you always

With Much Love,

Your Momma

AWBM Blog Post #027 | 7 January 2020


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