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Happy 5th Birthday, Ellis!!!

Ellis & Aiden

 Happy 5th Birthday, Ellis!!!

(Ellis & Big Bro Aiden)

It's been 5 years with this little one, and you'd swear you were talking to an adult. My second grandson, Ellis, is a lot of things but I think the best way to describe him is stubborn. He's no joke, but when he likes you, he really likes you, and you've got the best seat in the house, so to speak.

Well, we're still hibernating and every day I'm hearing about conditions that are worsening, or that a friend of a friend of a friend has become ill. To keep my head on straight 'cause I don't want to jump off the deep end, we're celebrating in spirit with family when we can (with FaceTime and Duo) and since this little one is having a momentous birthday, we're just gonna pile on the love and birthday wishes and sing in our hearts 'til we can all gather round.

Ellis in backseat with shades

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Let's see what this Taurus has up his sleeve:

Being a Taurus born on May 15th, your personality is defined by your discipline and loyalty. You are very hardworking and this is a result of your commitment to success. While others struggle to find willpower, you will take on a challenge with undying fortitude. Your friends and family admire your inner strength, almost as much as they admire your loyalty. Your loved ones would be hard pressed to recall a time where you did not defend them or have their best interest at heart.

Your sign's elemental pair is Earth and in fact, of all the zodiac signs, only the Taurus has a fixed connection to Earth. Your special elemental connection gives your personality the stubborn and stable qualities of an immovable boulder. In the same sense, it is your earthly influence that creates your prudent and practical nature. Thanks to Earth, you will always work towards realistic goals. While this quality is certainly an asset, it can become negative if you become overly cautious or conservative.

The Taurus is subject to the planetary rule of Venus, but as you were born in the third Decan, or part, of the sign, Saturn lends you its special planetary influence as well. While Venus's harmonious influence can be seen in your cooperation, sociability and appreciation of beauty, Saturn's influence can be credited with your order, authority and discipline. Your planetary powers combine to make you the most patient of all the Taurus Decans. Even when others would easily be annoyed or frustrated, you display understanding and calmness. Besides your family, your primary concern in life may be financial security. You have no problem working without praise as long as your material needs are met. You spend much of your life being serious, so find a partner that allows you to show your more playful side.

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I know, I know, you're probably wondering, what on earth is all this about, he's only 5 years old? Well, it's nice to have a glimpse of his future destiny, and he can always come back here, to his special birthday blog, and see how close he is to achieving what appears to be a very exciting life.

And, now we get to my favorite part, the pictures. Let's just say, he's got lashes that we all dream of.

Ellis, this is your life:

Ellis at Halloween

 Ellis at Halloween
(Teething is so passé)

Ellis and Avengers

Ellis & The Avengers

(and, just in case you thought I was exaggerating
'bout the lashes, here's a close-up)

Ellis eyelashes close-up



Ellis and Zoey in front yard

Ellis with Zoey

(with a lovely red upper lip,
courtesy of the ice cream truck ...
it's more like a cart on wheels,
but there's still something like my childhood!!)

and here's one from just the other day:

Tavia and kids

Tavia with Ellis, Zoey and Aiden
(outside enjoying a beautiful, sunshiny day on their porch)
ya'll know i love a close-up:
Tavia, Ellis & Zoey
(Aiden vanished ... got caught by the video zombies)

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I'm posting this birthday wish on the date of his birth, on 05/15 at, you guessed it, 5:15 ... it's so satisfying enjoying such little pleasures.

And, as is also a tradition, Ellis, this haiku poem was penned especially for you:

Always know your strength
and soul are preciously wrought
and forever golden

Love Always,

Your Nana

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And, before signing off, we won't forget to send a special shout-out to Uncle Stephen, also born today, who was feisty in life, with an in-your-face personality, and many of the qualities noted above, and we will always remember him and admire him, 'til it hurts. We love you, Stephen.


AWBM Blog Post #040 | 15 May 2020


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