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Shh, The Genius Blogger's Toolkit Flash Sale Is Coming!!!

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit

I'll tell you up front, 'cause I know this is what you want to know, the price ...

Well, what about the value?
Is it worth it?
Would you buy it?

It's valuable,
it's worth it,
and yes, I bought it last year.

So now that that's out of the way, Let's jump into the how and why.

Sometimes you can get a good thing for less. Last year I was struggling with where to get the most information for what I wanted to do, blog and make money blogging, and there's just so much information that I wound up getting nothing, because it wasn't organized (read: I wasn't organized). It's hard to organize something you've never done, right? And I do not know a single sole that blogs.  Once again I was on my own ... kinda like teaching myself to knit years ago, but there's no children's book for blogging that I'm aware of. 

When I discovered the Ultimate Bundles crew, I thought I'd found a way to get what I needed: resources, help, guidance and access to a few great minds who've paved the way before me.

AWBM Divider

One of my favorites in the bundle belongs to The Affiliate Guy, Matt McWilliams. I purchased his program last year and what made it resonate with me was that I could do it, number one, and that it was accessible, number two.  He was accessible (and you know how I love a twofur). I was able to go through the program with weekly webinars and could ask countless questions to the man himself. I like that hands-on, "I'm just like you and an average Joe," approach that he has, and that's just one of the fabulous features being offered in the bundle.

The Affiliate Guy Matt McWilliams

Another favorite is the cheat sheets, because you don't have to go into bundle overload. You have a single sheet, for each portion of the bundle, that provides details of that specific offer, so you can choose what you want, when you want, and leave the rest for another time. When you're ready (I'm so glad it's Bachelor season again ... Good luck, Peter!!!).

Cheat sheets are like having someone holding onto the back of your bike when you think you're going to fall: you're not alone, they're there to guide, not ride it for you, and you can always look back and find them there. That's what a bundle is all about. Gathering resources to guide your way, breadcrumbs to show you the way, and I'm sure there's a gingerbread house up ahead.

Pardon me, it's lunch time.

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Check out the Flash Sale ... 2 days only ... lot's of Good Eats, I mean tools, and did I mention there's a money-back guarantee? Well, there is:

TGBTK 30-day guarantee

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And, just in case you are curious, here's the Full Monty:

TGBTK - The Full Monty


What is a Flash Sale? The toolkit was released in October 2019. They're bringing it back for just 48 hours!!!

Price: $97 + $50 cheat sheets

Value: 94 products worth $7395.27

Contents: 55 eCourses, 26 eBooks, 12 printables, workbooks and template packs & a membership site

This bundle can be purchased without the cheat sheets, so no worries. It's jam packed with everything you need to start a successful blog or super size your existing blog, as well as a host of other features you probably never thought of. Isn't it cool that the folks at Ultimate Bundles thought of it for you? I know, right?

What's the Full Monty:

full mon·ty
  • the full amount expected, desired, or possible.
    "when conducting a funeral he wears the full monty: frock coat, top hat and a Victorian cane"
  • a striptease performance involving full nudity, especially by a man.
    "the famous final scene where the characters do the full monty and strip naked"
come on, ya'll
...eyes up front, eyes up front ... 
we run a clean show around here.

They're bringing it back for 2 days, folks.
Don't miss out!!!

Full Bundle and Cheat Sheets

I really want to say "Operators are standing by," but I don't think they are, so, instead:

Hurry, hurry, hurry, offer becomes available
Wednesday January 15, 2020

For you early birds, you can sign up ahead of time by clicking the Buy Now button below, and the Ultimate Bundles team will notify you when the bundle is available. Now, how convenient is that? Enjoy!!!

HEO2019 Buy Now 

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