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Are You The Addictive Type?


Are You The Addictive Type?

You know, the type who says, “I’ll only play one more game” and you find yourself lost and confused, well over an hour later, wondering why you’re cold and hungry, and where did the daylight go?  If that’s you, raise your hand, my friend, and welcome to the party:

“Hi, my name is Sandi.”

It’s like that Progressive commercial where “they’re” whispering “Jamie” from the cornfields, and, of course, I would be Jamie.

Yeah, I’ve been taking a break from making, to rest my tired and weary hands and wrists, knees and ankles (boy, my lower half and extremities are kinda messed up, no?), and I’ve been watching true crime TV. I started with Dateline several months back, but moved onto and finished Evil Lives Here, and now I'm watching Lt. Joe Kenna Homicide Hunter. I picked his show because he has a commercial that says it’s the last season and he’s going out while on top, instead of being the singer on stage who can no longer sing. Gotta love a good commercial hook. That's how I started watching The Rap Game. I saw the commercial that showed something (but not to the viewing audience, of course) and one of the folks then said:

"That's the most entertaining thing I've seen all week."

By the time I'd seen and heard that about 15 times, I was hooked: I started watching the current season, 'til they got to a preview of the next episode where they were bringing back former contestants.

No, wait, what?

I couldn't find out who had already won, so I grabbed my iPhone, did a quick search, and watched seasons 1-3 (I think, but it coulda been 1-4) so I would be caught up with the current season I was watching. Such is my life.


I’ve also been playing games on said iPhone and somehow, within the last 2 years, I’ve morphed from nice, safe games that only require skill and a few brain cells, to these monstrosities that are cute (lot’s of cats and kittens and puppy dogs), but they are so-o-o sinister, in that they want me to PAY to PLAY.


Simon's Cat (culprit #1)

Cookie Cats Blast (culprit #6)

That’s right, folks, you heard it here:

They  Are  E-V-I-L. EVIL.

Yes, evil, and I’m scared to actually go back and count how much money I’ve given them, sadly there’s more than 1, so I’ll keep that to myself but, nonetheless, in the last month I gave 1 game $60.00, in one weekend—can’t remember which day ‘cause it’s all a blur—so I’ve decided to pull back, cold turkey, and play each game ‘til I get to the point where I have to buy more coins and then it’s:

“Okay, I’m done with you for a while,”

and I move on to another game. I have to say it aloud, otherwise, I talk myself into “Just 1 more game,” and the cycle continues. 


Freddy: And how's that working out for you, my dear?

Sandi: Actually, it's working quite well, my friend, take a look-see:

[Just going from level 360 to 382, my capacity to play went from being full (number of terms) at 5 turns to now being full with 7 turns:]

Cookie_Cats_Blast  Cookie Cats Blast 2

Cookie Cats Blast (still culprit #6)

The sad part is I still have those old, safe games, and I revisit them every blue moon, so I can’t explain why I’m attached to the ones that drain my bank account, even ones I don’t like, like those that make the tools (in the game) that you need so faint, that you can’t see them (at least my old eyes can’t), and then, of course, you lose, and want to redeem yourself, but you can’t, ‘cause you’re outta coins. Or the ones that put the red pieces you need all at the top, while the other game pieces you need to remove are down at the bottom ...

BLEEP, BLEEP, @*&$#^(*)+$%^_,
people ... I'm jus' saying ...

The newest edition to my evil games actually wants 50 coins to continue playing with 5 moves, while my original game wants 70 coins, so I guess 50 isn’t so bad, but with the vast real estate on my iPhone, the actual game board only takes up one-third of the screen, so I’m struggling to see what’s going on and the time indicator that tells me how much time I have to play the game is so small and faint, and the text is “white (i.e., really can’t be read easily) even my 23-year-old says, “It’s a blur.” And yet, I play every day, all 6 of them.

And you know it bothers me. because I just added another game and I have to do it again … 6 games people, I can’t have that … so I added another Hidden Object game, which is what I love and what lured me into playing Simon’s Cat in the first place, the original evil game … they’re cute, but deadly, especially on the pocketbook, because the ad was to find the hidden object … that option of the game pops up every once in a blue moon.


Evil Game Narrator:   “Come on, gurl, you know you wanna play. Just give us the money. There, you, go. That’s the ticket,”

and this evil laugh sounds somewhere over my left shoulder (or is it my right?) and all I can do is shrug, pray that I’m truly alone, and continue on with the game, adding just another prayer that I might actually WIN this time …


It’s like that Geico commercial where the young Millennials go hide in the shed "behind the chainsaws" with the nut with the chainsaw in hand, directly BEHIND them ... then they run ...

Millennial Girl No. 1:   Let's go hide in the cemetery!

                      (and this is after they pass on getting into the running car):

Millennial Guy No. 1:   ... "Are you crazy? ...

Sound of chain saw revving up.


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I want to give a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to my high school best friend. It has been a lot of years, and fond memories, and I can't wait to see what we get into in the next part of our lives. I hope you have a very blessed day, with many more to come. Love ya, gurl ... from SRB to SHB:

Sandi & Shirleen

Blog Post #024 | 12 December 2019 


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