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All Roads Lead To Amazon, Indeed

All Roads Lead To Amazon

All roads lead to Amazon this week, as I try something new, posting 3 times in one week  ... yikes ... trust me, this won't happen again anytime soon, 'cause it's a lot to do.  Being sick for over 2 weeks with a horrific cold and all the congestion that brings, I've been thinking out loud (yes, that's a thing), and making up for lost time as I had originally wanted to post weekly, but I inevitably miscalculate and overestimate how much I can do in a given 24-hour period, and I always have too much to do in a very short time frame.

So, back to the topic at hand, Amazon, and, specifically, Amazon Prime.  I have been a Prime member for years, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to find things I want and need during a break early in the workday, and then finding this when I arrive home that same evening:

 Amazon at my front door

Like Christmas in July, August ... September ... you get the idea.
Very much my cuppa tea.

It is so easy to become a member and enjoy 2-day deliveries as well as same-day deliveries ...

say it with me folks:


The Challenge 1

The Challenge 2

It doesn't have to be this Challenging, seriously ... I mean, that would be Bananas, right?

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This week in November 2019, here are some of their featured promotions in electronics ... please enjoy!!!

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Before I sign off today, November 22, I'd like to take a moment to say a heartfelt:

Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

Sandi and Mary 1875

to my favorite cousin, and my partner-in-crime. This is us in our matching halter tops, dancing and having fun, way back when. That's a very old stereo record player in the back. I think it classifies as "vintage" nowadays :)

In 2 households, with 6 kids (3 in each, and both my Momma and my Aunt Bobbie had 1 boy and 2 girls, and my cousin John and I were born on the same day), Mary and were the youngest, the babies of our family.

I miss her dearly, and look forward to when we'll be together again, eating chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones, plain, not sugar cones, and reading A Teacup Full of Roses by Sharon Bell Mathis. I'm not sure why she loved that book so much, but I would buy it for her, she would read it and then misplace it, and I'd buy it again, several months or years would go by ... rinse and repeat.

I'll include here a snippet of a review, from a teacher, who enjoyed the book as much as her students, and I think it's going to be on my Christmas list this year, not for my kids, but for me, as I'm way past due for buying it again, and I can't find my copies, as I always bought 2, one for both of us:

A Teacup Full Of Roses teacher review 

"I am an 8th grade teacher and I read this novel with my 8th grade students and they loved it; so did I!! Initially, I wasn't too thrilled about the text because of the cover, but once I began reading the book I couldn't put it down. Many students were very interested in the book and proceded to read ahead of the class. The book deals with real-life problems that many teens and families face today. I honestly believe that any teenager or adult for that matter could benefit from this story. At the end of the story, I had my students change the ending and create other creative work for the book and they did a phenomenal job. I am glad that I decided to expose my students to this novel."

I love you, Mary. See you soon ...

AWBM Blog Post #023 | 22 November 2019  


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