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Yes, folks, there IS such a thing as "FREE"

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So, that means we owe you four, cause it's almost time for March!!! Check in and we'll deliver the quadruple threat by my third child's 23rd birthday (hint, it's on St. Paddy's Day!)

I'll keep it simple for now, and link to downloadable .pdfs. Once I'm up and running full speed ahead, we'll get oh, so creative ... :).

Let's Talk Knitting, Shall We?

I have a great deal of things to offer, but so little time ... sigh ... so let's begin this page with a simple, yet convenient find, for all my knitwear designers out there: my go-to knitting graph paper!!!

AWBM's knitting graph paper 2019

I do have a much denser version, from 2014, but when I say dense, I mean DENSE and I found that I needed space on the page to add sketches and whatnots. This version is a full-page chart.

AWBM's knitting graph paper circa 2014

See what I mean? However, if you insist, here's a downloadable file:

AWBM's DENSE knitting graph paper 2014


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