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The Many Moons of the Mood – Partie Un

AWBM Presents The Many Moons of the Mood ...

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Let me begin by saying my family and I have been displaced for 2 weeks now, while our apartment is getting a long-overdue abatement, to repair damaged asbestos-filled walls destroyed by constant and consistent water damage.

It's a longer story, but suffice it to say, we're homesick and ready to move back in ... and it's estimated to take 'til the end of next week!!!

So to cheer myself up, since I'm without most of my supplies, my cane (I forgot) and clothes (I'd like to burn what few items I packed as I'm already rewearing them, and rummaging through my daughter's closet), but that's not what you came here to hear ...

let's hope this post
brings you joy

Years ago, I wrote quite a lot, I mean, all the time, at the drop of a hat, and by immediate request (i.e., I had a homework assignment in grade school that I didn't complete, so I told my teacher I lost it on the way to school, BUT remembered it and asked if I could have some time to rewrite it. She said, "yes," and I sat down to come up with something quick, fast in a hurry. In 10 minutes I'd written something brilliant and I felt great. Until the teacher held me up as an example for my classmates: as a student who did their homework like they were supposed to, had done an excellent job, and boy was she proud.

For shame ... I felt horrible, and promised God I would never lie like that again, and always do my homework. Most likely that's why I now overdo everything and throw in 2 kitchen sinks—I'm still compensating for the sins of my youth.

As I was saying, it was as if I possessed the improv of writing skills, I was writing children's short stories and submitting articles to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (my favorite detective ... no, wait ... actually, he's tied with Colombo) and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine (Phyllis Diller wrote for them!!!), had joined my second online course (unheard of back then, but they used to advertise in TV Guide, to which I subscribed) and I was ready to become the next Stephen King, Mystery Edition. I have read some of his books, watched Carrie through my clenched fingers, slunk way down under the covers on my bed, and admire his style, but there is a line I won't cross:

Pet Semetary,
I'm talking to you, Bruh!!!

Real Housewives ...

I, of course, have saved my favorites from both series (not King's, Ellery's and Alfred's) and they (Ellery and Alfred) are still in publication today (as well as King, of course). Once I retire (whenever that may be), I'll settle down and reread the issues I have, then resubscribe and get all the back issues. Now that's a lot of reading coming my way, 'cause, I had to be sure they were still in publication (asking Google "Is the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine still published?", and this is how they replied (I know they're not real, just humor me, people, humor me):

In 1975, AHMM was acquired by Davis Publications, and since 1992 it has been published by Dell Magazines (which also produces its sister publication, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine). ... After EQMM, AHMM is the second-longest-running mystery fiction magazine. › wiki ›

 Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine - Wikipedia

Notice AHMM's "after EQMM" so my fav is still a front runner, after all this time. Niccce.

As I was saying, when I retire, I'll be able to get back to an old passion, reading. But for now, seeing that it's Friday and Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I wanted to make something cute to gift for that special someone ... but I can't go back home and get the materials ... sigh, so I thought I'd share some old poetry from years gone by, a collection I call:

AWBM Presents The Many Moons of the Mood ...

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 An Aside

Hmmm, I think I'll make this a series, as I have a total of 22 pages of poetry, in this collection, some pages containing several poems, and I believe that's enough to begin my true intro into Friday Freebies:

Freddy: It's about time, I thought you'd forgotten.
Sandi:  I know, I know ... I've been busy.


Wow, I just realized I've been typing ellipses for a very long time ... and using italics. I'm glad some things never change :).

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 So, without further ado, here are 3 in a selection of

romantic, rhythmic and romantic poetry

just for you.

That Smile

That smile, my love,
hard to define.
A wealth of feeling,
all the time.
The tenderness which it
Creates a churning deep
Ever present in my mind.
You cannot know the depths I feel
Or heights that seem, oh so unreal.
But never fail to realize
Your smile both soothes and
Time for just one
Remaining there for me to
That which I know shall
In the next time as well as
What ordinary words can't
Nor my acts always
Just a feeling but so very
A sparkling air; charismatic; 
Electrifying, conscious static;
But let's not deviate,
From that smile there's no
Believe that what I say is true,
all I'll ever ask of you,
Is never to deprive my being,
of that elemental meaning

Which is that special smile you're


For You

listening sweetly, yearning softly,
needing gently, caring fiercely
All express my need (For You)
remotely near, the scent of jasmine,
iridescent shimmers of pain
entice; explode; ignite;
(and ) join my every desire.
touch me quickly, then like lightening,
assuage my constant strain
of being close to the edge of sanity
entice; explode; ignite;
(and ) burn the hells of fire.
hurt so all encompassing,
midnight flashes briefly,
calm the turbulence of heart,
rinsing spirits free.
entice; explode; ignite;
(and ) lift me ever higher ...
sweetly listening, softly burning,
gently needing, fiercely caring
All declare my need (For You)


So many times do we damn the heavens
And praise the hells of our individual worlds
We see in ourselves an extension of
Another time, another pace, another mind
As the depth of the heart and soul combine
The symphony is as no other.

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Update on my current Clean Up,Clean Out Tour:
To show you how quickly they multiply

As of 11/11/2019, I had 13,185 unread emails ...

Inbox 11112019

As of 12302019, I had 18,828 emails (11,350 unread) and 754 pages (each page contains 25 emails):

Inbox 12302019

And as of today, 01312020, I have 6,560 emails (3,953 unread) and 263 pages:

Inbox 013120

So I have been busy, busy, busy, sticking to my timeline, and determined as ever to get my personal email's Inbox under the 999+ mark. I have a long way to go but I am tickled pink that I have more than halved my total emails in just one month. I haven't gotten much else done other than brick & mortar work, babysitting and trying to keep my eyes open during the day, but I have succeeded in trimming the fat in said brick & mortar work's Inbox as well. 

Note to readers: I haven't changed jobs, positions or job titles, but my wrists are aching so I can't write MTE9T5BWCJ ... those who know me, know what that means.

Ta, ta, for now, said duty calls.

AWBM Blog Post #030 | 31 January 2020  | Ta-ta January, Howdy, February!!!


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